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Natural environment recovery options for Sumner

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Property Revaluations 2013 

Dear Sumner Residents,
Please see below a list of meetings to be held by the Christchurch City Council on their new District Plan Review. The meeting for Port Hills will be in the Redcliffs Bowls Club, 9 James Street at 5:30 on the 26th of March.  It is very important that anybody who has damaged land or land either on a hill or close to the bottom of a hill attends this meeting as the Draft District Plan will potentially make significant changes to the status of your land and potentially its future value.
I look forward to seeing you there.  Regards, Darren Wright, Chair, SCRA 

Have you filled in the InsuranceWatch survey yet? It is very important that InsuranceWatch get the required number of responses so they can give an accurate picture of what is really happening to Christchurch resident's repairs/rebuilds. You can fill it out electronically here  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/IW2014 

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Port Hills Zoning Review completed

Click here for more information.  Information on Sumner can be found on maps 18 to 29.

If you would like a ride in the Sumner Commnity van to see Dr Rob Gordon, contact the Sumner Community hub on 326 7817 to book your seat.

New community Brochures

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    Your community, Your association, Your say

    The Sumner Community Residents’ Association (SCRA) is an incorporated society that works voluntarily to represent the interests of the Sumner community. Membership is open to anyone living, working or owning property in the Sumner, Sumnervale, Clifton, Richmond, Scarborough, and Taylors Mistake areas.· Interested people from the wider area may also address us and participate in our deliberations. The Local Government Act requires that the Council must consult with community groups and so what you say does matter.

    In addition we try to act as a two-way channel between the Council and the community and bring issues that are before the Council to the notice of residents who may be affected by the impact of proposed changes. And when things need to change, we are also vigilant in bringing such items to the attention of those who can do something about it.

    We are keen to hear your views on:

    • Anything happening in your area
    • Anything happening in Christchurch which may affect Sumner
    • What the SCRA has said or done
    • What you think we should (or should not) be doing

    We take an active interest in local issues. Motivated residents can shape the way our area develops. We speak collegiately and ensure that the wishes of the community are brought to the attention of the decision makers.

    It is most helpful if you write to the secretary with any specific concerns or points of interest.  We always give matters put to us in this way our full attention and will do our best to keep in touch with you.

    Official Information: Your Right To Know

    Need to access official information?  Go to  'How to find out what you want to know from Central and Local Government