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Natural environment recovery options for Sumner

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Free Earthquake Counseling

EQC or Insurance distress - contact Annie Currie (registered Psychotherapist) 326 5086

Want to make an equiry or complaint with the council??

What issues concern you around Sumner?? i.e. dog poo on pavement/sand, lack of rubbish bins, clogged up drains, flooding, etc.  Link to online form

Community profiles are out

Note, Clifton and Richmond Hills are considered as part of Redcliffs!!  We would like to hear your feedback on this.  Do you think this should be changed?  Where do you think the boundary should be?  Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


CCC releases the draft Long Term Plan 2015-2025

Council is committing to spend money within the Christchurch area for the next 10 years.   ARE YOU HAPPY WITH WHERE COUNCIL WANT TO SPEND RATEPAYERS MONEY?

HAVE YOUR SAY and let the council know if you DO support or DO NOT support their proposal to spend money.  Below is a list of items council has identified (bullet pointed in black with page numbers) Click to view online . 

Also identified are items (in red below) that committee members of the SCRA identified at a Hagley Ferrymead Community Board workshop that are not mentioned in the Long Term Plan.  :

Financial Strategy


  • Sumner Library/Community Centre p1, p6, p11, p14, p30 (Click to view)

Parks & Open Spaces

  • Sumner Master Plan open space projects p242 (Click to view alow time to download)
  • Scarborough Park Playground renewal p224, (Click to view alow time to download)

Create more green spaces on red zoned land i.e. Wakefield Ave, Nayland St

Encourage donations from the public towards playgrounds

Resilient Communities

  • Sumner Community Facility Rebuild - centre & library p239 (Click to view alow time to download)

Increase NOT decrease community funding.  Provide more financial support for communities to employ Community Development Leaders to strengthen their communities at a grass roots level. (Look at the value of community development and volunteerism)

Roads and Footpaths

  • Freight Route Improvement - Sumner to Ferrymead p244 (Click to view alow time to download)
  • Sumner Road Corridor  p4, p13 (Click to view)
  • Suburban Masterplan: Sumner Streets & Lanes p230 (Click to view alow time to download)
  • Taylors Mistake Rd Upgrade p243,(Click to view alow time to download)

Street lights replaced over time with LED to reduce energy use.

Cycleways to be integrated into new road plans.

Sport & Recreation

  • Scarborough paddlingpool p178,

Private funding to build the stadium and conference centres and spend council funding on strengthening communities across Christchurch.

Stormwater Drainage· & Flood Protection

More planting of natives on the hill side in Sumner to stabilise sediment runoff.

A regular programme of clearing sediment from stormwater (open & closed) drains in Sumner.

Capital Programme

  • Scarborough beach concrete access ramp renewal p224 (Click to view alow time to download)
  • Scarborough Beach rockwall reventment renewal p224 (Click to view alow time to download)


  • Core route and facilities p246,(Click to view alow time to download)
  • Major cycleway: Rapanui-Shag Rock cycleway - Sumner to City p236 (Click to view alow time to download)

Sumner Village Master Plan needs updating to accommodate for the Christchurch Coastal Pathway and the 500,000+ visitors per annum.· Transport plan needs to be addressed.

 Main Rd Master Plan needs updating to accommodate for the Christchurch Coastal Pathway.


Click to view information on LTP

Click to view the entire documents and links

Click to view the Keep our Assets submission suggestions

Click to go online and HAVE YOUR SAY

Submissions can be in the form of a letter, hard copy or online.

For example:

I am writing to express my concern about what parts of the LTCCP might mean for community groups in my area and across Christchurch. From what I can see one of the main sources of funding for these groups, the Strengthening Communities Fund, will be reduced, long term to levels below what it was in the 2013/14 year.

These groups do such good work and always struggle to make ends meet. Personally I use (name of organisation) for (name specific activities or volunteer opportunities).

If the (name of organisation) was to have to reduce their activities or even worse, shut down, this would mean that (name specific impact). I know that many people use (name of organisation) for the (name relevant service: e.g. community meal, community garden, mothers group, Men’s Shed, community café). If these places faced cutbacks how are the people going to get their needs met?

I would hope that grassroots community wellbeing is a priority for the CCC alongside their other responsibilities.



Levi's Skate decision making process gets undeway.

 Deputations on the Levi's skate project

Hagley Ferrymead Community Board will hold an extrordinary meeting for residents to give a deputation and/or come along and listen.

Date: Wednesday 5 May 2015 (Link to view Agenda)
Time: Meeting starts at 5 pm
Venue: Sumner School Hall (Dryden St)

Giving a deptuation

The meeting is a public forum and anyone is welcome to attend. If you would like to seek speaking rights (speak to your submission in person) to the Board at the meeting regarding this matter contact the Community Board Adviser, Jo Daly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 941 6601.

Please note time available to present may be limited and you may wish to consider joining with others who have similar submissions.  Link to more information


CCC Q&A about the Levi’s Skate Area proposal Click to view

Levi's Skate Concept Plans Click to view

Research - The benefits of Public Skateparks Click to view

Community Oposition links facebook.com/LevusSkatePark Petition against the skate park click to view

Community Support links https://www.facebook.com/sumnerskatepark?fref=ts 

Media Coverage

Redcliffs school closure

Education Minister Hekia Parata has begun consultation with the Board of Trustees of Redcliffs School in Christchurch about the possible closure of the school because of concerns about the long-term safety of the Redcliffs site.

Ministry of Education announcement of consultation process

The purpose of this period of consultation is to hear the views of the board, parents and community before a decision is made.  The Ministry of Education will fund a facilitator to assist the community through the consultation process. Submissions close on 1 May 2015.


Redcliffs School Board of Trustees announcement

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Supporters of Redcliffs School,

The Board would like to meet with our community on Thursday (26 March) evening at 7pm at Sumner School hall.  At that meeting you will have the opportunity to ask questions and hear more information about yesterday’s announcement.

In the meantime, we would like to give you as much information as possible to ensure you are fully informed.

What does the announcement mean?

Yesterday’s announcement was a proposal for closure. This means that the school and the community have an opportunity to make submissions against this proposal by 1 May, 2015.

It does not mean that closure of the school is imminent. A final decision on the future of the school will not be made until all submissions have been considered.

There are numerous examples of schools that have successfully been through this process and remained open.

Why has the Minister made this decision?

The expert advice provided to the Minister concluded that the site can be made safe, and reducing the size of the site and building a bund could achieve this.

The Minister’s concern is that if a future event occurred, even though the school would be safe, we would be unable to be on the site while any assessment or repairs to the bund took place.

The Board’s response.

The Board is determined to demonstrate to the Ministry how this problem can be solved. Over the next few weeks we will be working with the relevant experts to put together our submission.

How can you help?

This will be discussed further on Thursday night. Community members are welcome to come as well.  We know you have lots of ideas and expertise and we will co-ordinate these at the meeting.

In the meantime you can:

  • communicate with the board by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • support and share our Facebook page – Support Redcliffs School https://www.facebook.com/pages/Support-Redcliffs-School/331377870406850?fref=ts
  • make your own submission to the Minister. If you would like further information on this process please feel free to contact the board or see the facts sheet attached.

It is really important that we all direct our energies towards working together on our response and supporting each other. You can be assured the board is working hard to do all we possibly can.

We really encourage you to come to this meeting on Thursday night. Please invite others in the community who will also be interested in attending. You are welcome to forward on this email from the Board.

Video Clip of Redcliffs school children

CCC releases the draft Long Term Plan 2015-2025

Click to view information on LTP

Click to view info about Sumner Library/Community Centre p1, 6, 11, 14, 30, 42

Click to view info about Roads and Footpaths p4, 13

Click to view info about:

  • Resilence p26,
  • Scarborough paddlingpool p179,
  • Scarborough beach access ramp p220,
  • Scarborough Beach rockwall renewal p220,
  • Scarborough Park Playground renewal p224,
  • Major cycleway p223,
  • Suburban Masterplan p226,
  • Community facility rebuild p231,
  • Master Plan open space p234,
  • Core route and facilities p234,
  • Taylors Mistake Rd Upgrade p235,
  • Freight route improvement p236,

Click to view the entire documents and links



Roadworks from Lyttelton over to Sumner

Sumner Rd

Paper copies are available at Council Service Centres and Libraries

Questions and Answers


Wakefield Ave


Clifton Bay corner


Main Rd (Shag Rock Reserve)


Shag Rock corner



Christine Toner
Consultation Leader
Christchurch City Council
PO Box 73011 Christchurch Mail Centre
Christchurch 8154
Ph 03 941 8355

Sumner Community Centre Rebuild

A Joint Working Group (JWG) that will have input into the final design of the new Sumner Community Facility on Wakefield Avenue has been set up and met for the first time this month.

The group comprises Sumner residents Max Capocaccia, Peter Hansen, Colette Doughty, Humphrey Archer, Hagley/Ferrymead Board Chair Sara Templeton, Councillor Paul Lonsdale and Council staff representatives. Chris Mene is acting as an independent facilitator for the group.

The JWG met for the first time on Tuesday 2 December and will meet up to four times through to March 2015.

The purpose of the JWG is to provide recommendations, guidance and advice to the Council project team to ensure that the design of the new facility meets the needs of the community.  The new facility will incorporate a library, community centre and museum.

A concept design, which sets out a proposed floor plan for the new facility, has been developed. The concept design currently sees the library, accessible parking, community office, museum display area and pocket park on the ground floor with the rest of the community functions, hall, kitchen and museum space on the first floor.

The JWG will be taking into account feedback received from a successful community workshop held in Sumner on 23 November. About 30 residents attended the workshop where they had the opportunity to develop, share and discuss their ideas for the design of the new facility.

The JWG will report its recommendations back to the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board.

Here is the link to the Sumner Community Centre Floor Plans Option 2 which the Christchurch City Council have put forward for discussion.

The JWG welcome your input and encourage you to make contact to let them know your views on the concept design. They would also like to know -

  1. What building materials and styles you would like to be considered, and also NOT like.

  2. What you would like to use the facility for?

  3. What other ideas do you have to make this an outstanding facility?

The JWG will be meeting again with the Council on the 3rd February and will take all the feedback. This is your chance to have your say!  Please email Peter Hansen with your thoughts on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Regular users of the Sumner Community Centre facility Interest Form

If you have an interst to use the facility on a regular basis, copy and paste the following questions into an email and send to Peter Hansen This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Use of space in the new Sumner Library and Community Facility

Group name -

Contact person name and details -

Purpose of organisation -

Date of establishment of organisation/group -

Does your group hold a unique cultural/historical position? -

What facility are you operating from now? -

How many people are in your group/organisation? -

Who does your group cater for? (for example youth, families, older adults) -

Why do you want to use space in this facility? -

How much/what type of space would you require? -

How frequently would you use the facility? -

How long would you use it for? (length of each session or full time accommodation) -

How many people would use it each time? -

What time of day would your organisation wish to use the centre? -

From the list below, please circle the equipment you would need?

Storage -

Sound equipment -

Furniture –

Visual Display -

Water -

Kitchen facilities -

Any other requirements -

Other? -

Overview Notice: Sumner / Scarborough: Wastewater repairs

Repair of earthquake damaged sections of the wastewater network.


Scarborough Pool

The Scarborough paddling pool is finally open with some more features to come. 

To make the facility we are looking for some extra fundraising to help us add the finishing touches.

To find out more go to http://www.givealittle.co.nz/cause/Scarborough_pool or contact the Sumner Community Hub on 326 7817


Sumner Community Centre 35th Anniversary - A success Story

Sold out due to popular demand 

Stay tuned for 2016 calendar

Click here to view calendar (it may take a few minutes to download)

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Framed Postcards 

Price range from $25 for small frames and $45 for large frames.  View at the Sumner Hub Monday - Friday 10am - 12pm.



Click here to see who the winners of the Photographic competition

Sponsor this photo onto a canvas to go on a wakefield shipping container.· More info


New community Brochures

Have you seen our New Brochures?· Click on each brochure to read.



Sport & Recreation


Health & Wellbeing

Built Environment

Your community, Your association, Your say

The Sumner Community Residents’ Association (SCRA) is an incorporated society that works voluntarily to represent the interests of the Sumner community. Membership is open to anyone living, working or owning property in the Sumner, Sumnervale, Clifton, Richmond, Scarborough, and Taylors Mistake areas.· Interested people from the wider area may also address us and participate in our deliberations. The Local Government Act requires that the Council must consult with community groups and so what you say does matter.

In addition we try to act as a two-way channel between the Council and the community and bring issues that are before the Council to the notice of residents who may be affected by the impact of proposed changes. And when things need to change, we are also vigilant in bringing such items to the attention of those who can do something about it.

We are keen to hear your views on:

  • Anything happening in your area
  • Anything happening in Christchurch which may affect Sumner
  • What the SCRA has said or done
  • What you think we should (or should not) be doing

We take an active interest in local issues. Motivated residents can shape the way our area develops. We speak collegiately and ensure that the wishes of the community are brought to the attention of the decision makers.

It is most helpful if you write to the secretary with any specific concerns or points of interest.· We always give matters put to us in this way our full attention and will do our best to keep in touch with you.

Official Information: Your Right To Know

Need to access official information?· Go to· 'How to find out what you want to know from Central and Local Governmen